Maintenance Tips for Your Suzuki Spare Parts

Maintenance Tips for Your Suzuki Spare Parts


Suzuki Spare Parts

Your vehicle has been manufactured with the assurance of delivering economic and trouble-free performance. To ensure this during your ownership, it is essential to follow specific guidelines for caring for your Suzuki spare parts according to the scheduled maintenance guidelines.

Do’s for Extended life of Suzuki Spare parts in Your Car.

●        Always start the vehicle in the first gear only

●         Always ensure specified  tyre pressure

●        Apply clutch pedal thoroughly before changing gears

●        Align the release of the clutch with the accelerator pedal

●        Ensure the AC and other accessories are switched off as you  start the car

●        Shift the gear according to the speed        

Dont’s to ensure the Suzuki Parts are safe.

●       Drive with half clutch. If necessary, use a parking brake

●       Drive the vehicle with the engine in a ‘switched off’ mode

●        Exchange the fuel cap of a petrol vehicle with that of a diesel vehicle

●       Exert pressure on top of the bonnet to avoid damage

●       Force the wheel in the lock position, it can affect the  power steering pump

●       Lug the engine by changing to a higher or lower gear at an inappropriate speed.

●       Pull out the bottle cap of the coolant quickly. It may splash out resulting in injury.

●       Use high-intensity pressure while cleaning the air cleaner element

●       Reverse battery connection which can reverse electrical components

●       Wipe surface when dry, which may result in scratches

Care for  the Suzuki Spare Parts When Not in Use for an Extended Duration

●        Park the car covered in a dry and well-ventilated space

●        Ensure it is engaged in a gear

●        Detach the cables from the battery

●        Ensure the handbrake is not occupied

●        Use protective wax or recommended products to clean the painted and shiny surfaces.

●        Slightly leave the windows open.

●        Cover the car with the recommended car cover or perforated plastic sheet.

●        Inflate the tyres to 0.5 bar beyond  the specified pressure

●        Check the battery charge frequently, like in 2-4 weeks

●        Never drain the engine coolants

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